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Speaker, Dr. Kenneth Kirsch: Hello, I'm Dr. Kenneth Kirsch. I'm our Fitness Center Director here at Albany State University, West Campus. I wanted, today, to take the time to go over the COVID-19 protocols that have been set in place by the health and fitness industry, as well as the ACSM [American College of Sports Medicine], to ensure all those patrons that enter our facility are safe. That's what it's all about: It's to keep everyone safe. Therefore, without further ado, I'm gonna read the list of guidelines and protocols that all students, faculty, and staff must adhere to when they use our facility.
One, patrons will be subject to a temperature check.
Members may not be granted access if the staff or supervisor suspects or witnesses a cough, constant sneeze, fever, chills, sweats, etc. Plain and simple: If you are sick, please stay home and do not attend the fitness center.
All that enter must sanitize their hands upon entry.

Clothing should cover as much of the body as possible within comfortable athletic apparel. Cover the armpits. Also, cover the core area. The reason for this is to avoid as much skin contact with benches, chairs, machines, etc. I've had a rule that men have not been allowed to wear tank tops for the last 7 years, so now we are extended to that cutoffs are no longer available the whole armpit area must be covered and, again, the core area must be covered as well.
Masks are preferred but not mandatory.
Social distancing must be practiced. No less than six feet apart.

Only closed water bottles may enter--you may bring into the facility.

No gym bags, small or large, may be brought into this facility. I'm gonna repeat that: No gym bags, small or large, are permitted to be brought into the facility.
Patrons must clean equipment after completion of their sets--of their total sets. If you do three sets, after the third set, please clean your machine, your bench, your chair.
Water fountains will not be accessible. Therefore bring in your own water, obviously.
All equipment has been, and will remain, adjusted or restricted to adhere to social distancing requirements. Again, all equipment has already been adjusted to adhere to the social distancing, and it will remain that way.
An individual member time access will be limited to 60 minutes, and the reason for this is there is a max of 18 people may be permitted in the facility at one time. This is also extended to the three sections we have. Only--no more than six people are permitted into one section at one time. So all that kind of goes together. Again, the limit of 60 minutes, in case other people are waiting. Only a max of 18 people (and my staff will be keeping track and count of this) 18 people in the facility at one time, and then no more than six may be permitted in one section. The three sections we have are cardio deck, our machine weight plate-loaded section, and then our free weight section. You will also notice, in some of these sections, we have equipment that is closed off and cannot--will not be for your use.
There is no group training permitted in the facility. No more than two people, and that's only if you came together, live together, and you assume the risk of two people.

There is no circuit training; that goes to the group training.
The fitness section is closed. We have removed the kettle bells, med balls, slam balls, resistance band. That fitness section we used to have, that is no longer in existence due to, you know, the possibility of spreading germs, of the sweat, and also to avoid group training.
Prohibit free weight exercise spotters. Again, this goes back to if you were with an individual that you live with, and you assume the risk, and they spot you, but my staff nor I will be permitted to spot. If you do not know an individual in there, you are not permitted to call over a spotter. You have to reduce the weight.
Absolutely no loitering. Non-cohabitating patrons will be asked to leave. This goes back to the limited amount of people that are permitted in the facility, as well as the time limit, so if you're not there to work out, please, you know, just please stay on the outside. Let those that are there to exercise use that time.
There is no lying on the floor for core work. We also removed all the ab mats.
And then, last, no sitting on equipment between sets. If you're finished, please move on, clean your machine, therefore, so someone else could use that machine, that exercise, whether it's a machine weight, free weight, plate-loaded, you know, bench, just again because we're limited in the amount of people that we have.
I want to emphasize: This is for safety. That's what it's all about. It's about safety, not for only you, but for everybody that uses the facility. Hopefully, we'll be able to increase some of these, or release, or reduce some of the issues or the guidelines that we have now in the future, but, for right now, these are the guidelines and protocols that all must adhere to in order to utilize our facility. Our hours are posted on the ASU website
And, as lastly, I would like to also tell you there are nine specific rules to the Fitness Center. Please view that video that's on ASU's Fitness Center Health and Wellness website as well.
Again thank you, and go get after it


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