On Campus Requirements

First Year Live-On Requirement 

Albany State University requires first year students whose permanent address is outside of a 50 mile radius from Albany State University and is enrolled for twelve (12) or more semester credit hours, reside in in on campus housing and participate in a meal (board) plan. This requirement excludes summer sessions.

Please note that the first year live-on requirement does not guarantee housing to first year students. If sufficient housing is not available, then remaining first year students will be automatically released from the first year requirement. 


First year students may request an exemption to the residency requirement by submitting a written explanation for the request to be released, along with the First Year Release Request to Commute Form, located on the Housing and Residence Life webpage, under the forms section. All necessary paperwork must be submitted by June 15 (Fall Semester) or November 15 (Spring Semester) for consideration. Release for Spring semester will only be considered from new students admitted for spring semester. No release request will be accepted after the published deadline, unless there are extenuating circumstances.