Student Support Resources

The Division of Student Affairs would like to equip you with resources to respond to student needs.  The tool attached to this message provides contact information for campus resources to address a variety of student concerns.  Page two of the attachment gives you the name of a person in each department who will be helpful in each situation.  Please feel free to connect with these resources directly.

Military and Adult Education 

Military  Adult Education 

Stefanie Raulerson -Director of Military & Adult Education 

Brianne Mohamed -Interim Director of Veteran Student Success Grant
West Campus C-211 West Campus C- 212  (229) 500-2928  (229) 500 -2927

In addition to these resources, students, faculty, and staff should report any situation that seems unsafe or disruptive to the learning environment.  Make these reports to the Office of Student Affairs by completing the Student Concern Form.  When there is an active or immediate threat to safety, please call Albany State University Police at 229-430-4711. 

Some situations to report using the Student Concern Form may include:

  • ·         Prolonged or significant difficulty with the demands of college
  • ·         Homelessness
  • ·         Food Insecurity/ Hunger
  • ·         Hospitalization
  • ·         Death of a family member or close friend

Please report any circumstance that causes you to be concerned for a member of our ASU community. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!